RZ1 dual occupancies

RZ1 dual occupancies

Recent mapping shows that the RZ1 dual occupancy policy will not achieve the desired infill. The ACT Government‘s 2023 planning changes allow secondary dwellings of less than 120 square meters on RZ1 blocks greater than 800sqm.

The GNCA welcomes the work of a concerned Canberra resident on interactive maps that reflect the planning policy exclusions of RZ1 blocks that were identified as Mr Fluffy dual resident blocks, existing multi-unit designated blocks and also suburbs of Reid, Campbell, Braddon, Ainslie, Kingston, Barton, Griffith, Forrest and Red Hill where the blocks have existing residential precinct protection that does not allow secondary dwellings (despite the blocks being larger than 800sqm).

The ACT Institute of Architects has said that the RZ1 changes will not support the projected 40 thousand additional dwellings indicated by the ACT government and particularly that individual site conditions impact the potential for building additional dwellings.

The maps can help users see these challenges on extra dwellings on potential blocks around Griffith and Narrabundah. The eligible RZ1 blocks are rarely near the services and amenities that residents want and generally aren’t where missing middle development should be focused closer to the city centre.

For further information about the interactive maps contact the GNCA at info@gnca.org.au