Welcome to the GNCA

Welcome! The Griffith/Narrabundah Community Association (ABN 26503486416) is a not for profit, voluntary community based organisation operating in the Griffith Narrabundah area.   The objects and purposes of the Association are “to protect the amenity and interests of the Griffith and Narrabundah communities, particularly in relation to the preservation of community facilities and open space”.

To view some of the main issues that we will focus on in 2022, please click here.


Petition to halt Canberra Grammar School (CGS) and other schools from land grabs for school car parks

The Canberra Grammar School in Griffith is seeking approval to install a 2000 m2 bitumen car park on Jansz Park in Griffith, where the land is zoned as public open space- and where car parks are prohibited. The Brindabella Christian College in Lyneham has developed a school car park on a public oval without approval.  Our colleagues at the Lyneham Community Association and the North Canberra Community Council have organised a petition to halt these land grabs.

The petition link is: https://epetitions.parliament.act.gov.au/details/e-pet-004-23 and you can sign electronically.  GNCA encourages members to sign the petition.

To view a copy of the GNCA  submission to ACTPLA regarding the CGS proposal click hereThis link to the Riotact may also be of interest.

Annual GNCA Raffle

We have 2 remaining Saturday Raffle and community engagement stands running from 8.45-1.30pm.  The 84 prizes donated from our generous sponsors from the Griffith and Red Hill shops and Manuka are proving to be extremely popular.  Our draw commences at 2pm on Saturday 1 April at the Griffith Shops.  All winners will be contacted by phone.

  • Saturday 25 March – Manuka Lawns
  • Saturday 1 April – Griffith Shops

Housing ACT loses another ‘wasteful’ Griffith Development Application

THE ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal (ACAT) has refused the development application for the construction of three supportive housing dwellings on a suburban RZ1 block in Griffith.  This is the third DA proposed by ACT Housing and approved by ACTPLA that the GNCA has had refused since December. 

A recent article in Canberra CityNews quotes GNCA’s President, Dr David Denham as saying “It is time for ACTPLA to do their job properly and only approve DAs that comply. And ACT Housing should only propose applications that meet the legislated standards to build suitable public housing.” 

Government the problem Minister

Minister Berry has complained about public housing projects being delayed due to ‘frivolous or vexatious claims’.  The GNCA argues that if anyone is frivolous or vexatious, it is the ACT Government because it is their responsibility to ensure that buildings comply with the rules and the standards.  Click here to see a copy of the Letter to the Editor recently published in the Canberra Times, from the President of the GNCA. 

ACT Government fails supportive housing tenants

The ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal (ACAT) has set aside the decision to grant approval to DA Number 2021139714 and substituted a decision to refuse approval.  The DA was for the variation of a lease and the construction of three supportive housing dwellings on a suburban RZ1 block in Narrabundah.  ACAT concluded that the DA does not comply with the Territory Plan and several Australian Standards Codes. The Tribunal will give reasons for its decision at a later date.

The GNCA initiated the review by ACAT and contributed to overturn the DA lodged by the Commissioner for Social Housing, which had been approved by the ACT Planning Authority (ACTPLA).  The GNCA supports quality social housing and identified a number of deficiencies in the DA, including inadequate open space, lack of functionality, unworkable parking and insufficient driveway access.  To read the GNCA’s full Press Release click here.  For a full copy of the ACAT decision click here.

Canberra Grammar School’s plans for carpark prompt backlash from local residents.  

If you missed this article, printed in the Canberra Times on 28 October, please click here.

October Newsletter

To access a copy of the newsletter please click here.

Some of the issues covered include the demolition of individual houses for multiple public housing dwellings, the substantial increases in land values in the Griffith/Narrabundah area, the future of the Capital Golf Club and the Urban Forest Bill 2022.

Update on ACAT Matters

18 Lockyer Street

At our last Directions Hearing in relation to 18 Lockyer Street, the Deputy Registrar unexpectedly reversed the usual order of things and ordered HACT (the Second Party Joined in ACAT speak) to produce their arguments first, by 22 August.  She must have taken pity on us.  The lawyers for ACTPLA and HACT were clearly disgruntled.

We received HACT’s Submission, and Associated Witness statement, on 23 August.  We are required to lodge any response to this, and any other material served by another party, by Friday 30 September.  We lodged our 22 page submission on why the DA approval should be reversed on 6 September.  This was originally required by cob on Friday 2 September but the ACAT granted us an extension of two business days ie cob Tuesday 6th.

The actual Hearing is scheduled for Thursday 12 and Friday 14 October.

32 Sturt Avenue

At the last Directions Hearing in relation to 32 Sturt Avenue, we were directed to produce our Statement by Wednesday 7 September.  In this case the Submission was 23 pages long.  We now await the response from HACT (in this matter just the Party Joined) and ACTPLA due on Wednesday 21 September.  We then have until Wednesday 28 September to prepare and lodge any response.

The Hearing is set for Monday 10 and Tuesday 11 October.

Manor House

Most disappointingly, Minister Gentleman has approved the Draft Variation (DV) which allows a one-off Variation to the Territory Plan to open the door for this single major development at the corner of Blaxland Crescent and Frome Streets, Griffith to proceed. Further information is available by clicking here.

GNCA at the ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal (ACAT).

GNCA has lodged an appeal in ACAT against the approval of the Development Application (DA) for 18 Lockyer Street and the directions hearing has been set for 1st July. Issues are the definition of Supportive Housing and the use of the Multi Unit Development (MUD) code rather than the code for single residences.  It also plans to appeal 32 Sturt Avenue, which has just been approved.  

Is Housing ACT breaking the Planning rules?

The GNCA is asking ACAT to review two development applications approved by ACTPLA. The ACT Government’s Growing and Renewing Public Housing Program, is demolishing red brick cottages, breaching the Planning rules and building three dwellings on public housing blocks in low-density residential RZ1 zones where only two dwellings are permitted. Further information is available by clicking here.

April 2022 Newsletter

To view a copy of the April newsletter, please click here.

Invitation from Minister Berry to meet re Housing ACT issues

To view a copy of the letter received from Minister Berry, please click here.

Review of bus stop on Goyder Street, Narrabundah

To view a copy of the letter received from Minister Steel, please click here.

Request to increase rubbish bins at Manuka denied

To view a copy of the letter received from Minister Steel, please click here.

It’s time Housing ACT got its act together

In the last few months Housing ACT has:

  • Surrendered a Development Application (DA)
  • Distributed flyers to neighbours containing misleading information on what was proposed
  • Lodged 3 DAs that didn’t comply with the planning rules
  • Demolished a building without any warning to the neighbours and trespassed on their property.
  • Proceeded with the demolition while a DA containing the demolition plan was still under review
  • Persists with proposing lower standards for government tenants than for everyone else and
  • Refused to meet with community groups to discuss anything.

The details of this sorry situation are attached.

Request to meet Minister Berry re development of Public Housing in Canberra’s Inner South

To view a copy of the letter sent by the GNCA to Minister Berry, please click here.

Inquiry into Environmental Volunteerism

To view a copy of the GNCA submission to the Inquiry, please click here.

Wild Sorghum in Griffith Park

Wild sorghum is one of the special features of the Griffith Woodland (aka La Perouse Park), along with some very big, old yellow box trees and distinctive boulders.  Wild sorghum (Sorghum leiocladum) is a tall summer flowering grass that’s often found growing with the equally striking kangaroo grass, which is the case at Griffith Woodland. It’s considered a rare or uncommon species in urban areas, though widespread in the region, preferring hillsides and slopes, on poorer soils in woodlands and dry forest habitats, in the least disturbed areas.

For more information about this rare sight of wild sorghum in an urban area please click here to read the article written by Alexandra Kirk, who also took the pictures.  

Notify ‘Fix My Street’ and have success!!  

A GNCA member put in a request a few weeks ago to refurbish the benches on Flinders Way.  Lo and behold, it has happened.  Maybe it’s a coincidence?  Half a dozen benches have been fixed.  Another small step in the rehabilitation of Manuka.

ACT Government Environment and Planning Update

To read a copy of the December update received from Ben Ponton please click here.

Traffic speeding at La Perouse/Carnegie Crescent intersection area

Two GNCA committee members, Gail McAlpine and Leo Dobes met on  4 November with Timothy DeWan (Narrabundah Peafowl Group) and Acting Detective-Inspector Paul Hutcheson of Road Policing to discuss traffic speeding in the La Perouse/Carnegie Crescent intersection area.  Issues discussed were the combination of school children, old people, local residents walking dogs and accessing the bike track at the Red Hill school, as well as occasional peacocks crossing at the intersection, and being forced to negotiate access against heavy trucks and cars that often fail to comply with stop signs.  Nearby streets also suffer from speeding, as evidenced by peacock deaths. Click here to view a new video about these issues.  Our thanks to Mr. Emmanuel Stefanou of Carnegie Crescent who undertook most of the filming and also edited the footage.

Police subsequently conducted speed detection duties in the area, and have made a number of road engineering recommendations to increase pedestrian safety.  The GNCA will raise these with the ACT Government.

DA 202139231- 77 Captain Cook Crescent – GNCA comments

Housing ACT proposes to demolish the existing dwelling on 77 Captain Cook Crescent and replace it with three 3 new single storey Adaptable dwellings.  To see a copy of the GNCA’s submission please click here.

Our AGM – 7pm Wednesday 24 November, East Hotel

Please note that the GNCA AGM has been re-scheduled to Wednesday 24 November 2021.  The guest speaker is Gordon Lowe, Director, Planning at the Molonglo Group.  Members and non members are encouraged to renew or join before the AGM. For details please refer to our our Membership page.

Vigorous evaluation of the Stage 2 Light Rail is required 

The Government needs to provide evidence that Stage 2 of the Light Rail represents value for money and provide better environmental benefits than other options. To read the joint DRA, GNCA and KBRG media release please click here.

September 2021 GNCA Newsletter

To access the latest issue click hereIssues covered include Covid, the ‘Manor House’, the Capitol Hotel, the Light Rail Extension and our Volunteer Park Groups. 

Please support our GNCA Sponsors during Covid

The Delta Covid will be with us for much longer than we had all hoped. As you will be very well aware, our local restaurants, cafes, shops and specialty service traders have been hard hit.  Many have had to temporarily close.  Some of our favourite local restaurants offer takeaway services or meal deliveries, and we hope those of you who are able can support them in this way.  In other cases, we can help by putting on our masks and buying the take-away offerings or their products and using the services that are still open.  They need all the help they can get.  

Our Sponsors page provides a list of our very generous Sponsors throughout 2021.  Please support the businesses that support your GNCA.

GNCA Submission’s to the ACT’s Planning System Review and Reform Project

To view a copy of our submission, which makes 14 recommendations on how things in the Griffith/Narrabundah area could be improved, click here

Letter to Minister Gentleman re his media comments about the ‘Manor House’ petition

Following comments by Minister Gentleman reported in the Canberra Times on 15 July 2021, the GNCA has sought his confirmation in the attached letter that the Government will not entertain similar proposals to the proposed “Manor House” elsewhere in Canberra’s RZ1 zones.

Online petition to reject DV 375 – ‘Manor House’

Following up on our efforts to stop the so called ‘Manor House’ being built in a low-density residential zone in Griffith, we need to obtain 500 signatures to submit a petition to the Legislative Assembly, calling on the Assembly to reject the proposed variation.

A petition will ensure that DV375 will have to be considered by the Standing Planning Committee of the Assembly, which must report back to the Assembly.

We note that of the over 520 submissions received by the government on the proposal to change the Territory Plan, only 4 supported the proposal!

Brief Background

  • Draft Variation 375 is being introduced so that a 4-unit, 2-storey Manor House with 9 car parks, can be built in Griffith.
  • Without this DV, the Manor House could not be built.
  • If DV 375 is approved, Manor Houses or their equivalent could be built in any low-density residential zone, in the ACT.
  • Canberra residents require certainty and trust, regarding what can be built near them; random rezoning of single blocks is bad planning.
  • Draft Variation 375 is inappropriate for this part of Griffith and does not meet community expectations for the suburb.
  • The proposal should be built on an RZ2 block, rather than in RZ1.
  • Over 90 percent of the block will be covered by impervious surfaces.
Local author Hugh Mackay discusses his new book ‘The Kindness Revolution’
This is a very fitting opportunity to support the 50th Anniversary of Lifeline Canberra. The event is being held at the Book Lovers Lane at 36 Mildura Street, Fyshwick (in Fyshwick Markets) on Thursday 22 July at 5pm.  

GNCA meets with The Greens

On Friday 30 April 2021 at 4:15 pm, the President, immediate Past President, Secretary and Treasurer of the GNCA met with Shane Rattenbury (leader of The Greens) and Adriana Boisen, adviser to Rebecca Vassarotti.  The two main issues for discussion were The Manor House and the Review of the Territory Plan. Click here to read the Minutes of that meeting.

National Crime Stoppers Day – “Not all heroes wear capes”

On Monday 17 May, Crime Stoppers ACT is asking Canberrans to help keep our city safe by reporting what they know. National Crime Stoppers Day aims to raise awareness of the vital role Crime Stoppers plays in keeping the community safe.  More information about how you can help solve or prevent crime in the community can be found on their website.

DV375 Manor House

55 detailed responses, overwhelming against the proposal, as well as 475 form letters totalling 530 responses have been received.  These submissions, which make interesting reading, have now been posted on the ACT Government’s Planning website.

Tree planting across Canberra

Across the ACT, 54,000 trees will be planted by 2023-24 to enhance our urban forest. The Canberra community has been helping identify where they should go, with planting locations to focus on areas where there aren’t many trees or where existing trees are ageing or dying.  Please use the interactive map on the attached link to tell the ACT Government where you think a tree should be planted.

April 2021 GNCA Newsletter

To access the latest issue click hereIssues covered include the ‘Manor House’ and the Capitol Hotel at Manuka.

Proposed Draft Variation DV 375 – ‘Manor House’

We are pleased to report that many members and residents made detailed submissions to the ACT Government and numerous others signed individual letters objecting to the proposed Draft Variation.  Members are encouraged to send a copy of their submission to local MLAs.

GNCA Raffle

A list of the prize winners for this year’s raffle can be found on the Sponsors page by clicking here.

David Denham addresses the ISCCC Meeting on 9 March re ‘Manor House’ proposal.

A 4 unit, two storey Manor House with 9 carparks next door to you! 

The Demonstrated Housing Project – the thin edge of the wedge?

The ACT Government is proposing to change the planning rules so that a 4 unit 2 storey development can be built at 20 Blaxland Crescent (corner of Frome Street) in Griffith on a block zoned for low-rise, low density residential housing (RZ1). The location and plan of the proposed of the Manor House is attached. This type of building is not permitted in RZ1. The project is supposed to ‘test the effectiveness of different housing types through real examples and future review through post-occupancy modelling’.

Once the precedent has been set for rezoning random blocks, there is little to stop the ACT Government turning most of Griffith and other suburbs into high density areas.  Canberrans need certainty when purchasing the family home, not government -driven spot rezoning in their back yards.

The reasons why GNCA does not support this change and further background information is attached here.

Members are encouraged to email their objections to this proposed Draft Variation to the Territory Plan – DV375 to terrplan@act.gov.au.  Further information which you may wish to include in your own works in your objection email can be found in the attached generic letter.

New trees for Wells Gardens

The GNCA has now received agreement from the ACT Government to the planting of new trees in Wells Gardens.  For further details, including the species to be planted please refer to the attached flyer.

Manuka Capitol Development Plans

As the keynote speaker, Professor Mark Howden gave a very powerful and thought provoking presentation on “The impact of climate change on Canberra”.  A copy of the powerpoint slides can be viewed here.

Margaret Fanning

As it was almost 20 years since the GNCA was formed and as the inaugural President, Margaret gave a speech of her reminicences and reflections on the GNCA’s early years.

Draft EIS – Hi Quality Waste Proposal at Fyshwick

Members are reminded that comments on the EIS close on Thursday 17 September 2020.  To assist in preparation of submissions, please find attached a summary of the draft EIS.

Representations should be addressed to the Chief Planning Executive and made in one of the following ways:

Representations should include the name and contact details of the person making the comments and the draft EIS application reference number (EIS201900001).

David Denham’s presentation at ISCCC Zoom Forum May 2020 in relation to the ACT elections in October

If you wish to see a copy of the presentation, please click here for part A and here for part B.

Bass Gardens Park

This park is located in the Blandfordia 5 heritage district and is bounded by Bass Gardens Street and Durville Crescent. It is of particular interest for its heritage status and its native flora groundcover and exotic trees which have been planted in a noticeable design.  Details are available in the Conservation Management Plan which can be found here.  A list of flora and fauna is available here.  This list will be updated from time to time. A tree survey plan is available here.

FEED FEED- Canberrans helping Canberrans

FEED FEED is an up-to-date list of hospitality businesses adapting to the new social distancing measures.  If you click on this Feed Feed link you will be able to see businesses in Griffith, Manuka, Kingston and other locations that you can support during these very difficult times.


The ACT Government has now released a Business Case for Stage 2A of the Light Rail, which is a story of a tram running from Civic to Commonwealth Park that contains no cost estimates!  Click here to read GNCA’s Press Release.


The government’s intention to achieve 30% tree canopy cover and 30% permeable surfaces in urban areas by 2045 is unlikely to be achieved unless Draft Variation 369 -Living Infrastructure in Residential Zones is amended. Attached is a media release of 28 February that GNCA has put out regarding this Draft Variation.   The time period for comments on this Draft Variation has been extended to 3rd April. Members and others are encouraged to make submissions.


On Saturday 14 March, an inaugural working bee and BBQ will be held for the new Griffith Park volunteer group, funded by the Government under its “Adopt a Park” program, and with support also from Easts rugby club and LJ Hooker Manuka.  Please refer to the attached flyer.

We’d like to encourage as many members as possible to come along for the launch of the new group.  Even if you don’t feel up to physical work at the moment, your moral support and your ideas are very welcome.  It’s our opportunity to establish a long term program to curate the park and plan for improvements over the years.  If you can’t come along on 14 March but would like to be kept informed about the work of the new group, please email info@gnca.org.au


The GNCA claims in the attached Press Release that the ACT Government, has found a way to breach existing residential planning regulations to allow medium density developments throughout Canberra suburbs currently zoned for low-rise, low-density residential housing (RZ1). This is being done under the pretext of an architectural design project called the ‘Demonstration Housing Project, which selects housing designs that could be used for ‘high quality, medium density infill’ (RZ2). The Territory Plan is then varied to allow this to happen in RZ1 zones. The blocks have not been chosen for their locations; they could be anywhere in the suburbs.


Easts Rugby club are organising a bushfire fundraiser at the Griffith oval no.1 on Saturday 18 January 2020 from 11am to 3pm.  Everyone is most welcome.  Please come and help raise funds for this very worthy cause.


To access the latest issue, no.7 September 2019, click here. The cover story features the Kingston Art Precinct and there are articles of interest in relation to the Manuka tree, Fyshwick waste EIS and many planning issues.


The attached image summarises the draft masterplan for Blaxland Park.  It was prepared by Barbara Payne of Quandong Designs Pty Ltd, with funding from BaptistCare.  Barbara will be speaking at our AGM on 23 October in East Hotel to explain how it will all work and seek feedback.


The Recyclopaedia is a website designed to help the community decipher the often complex world of recycling and waste. From aerosol cans to x-rays, you can search for hundreds of items to find out what to do when you no longer need something. As one of the ACT Government’s most frequented websites, the Recyclopaedia provides the community with a tool that helps recover valuable resources and materials.


Canberra dog owners could be fined if their pet is not on a lead while on a street or footpath, under new changes proposed by the ACT government.  For the full story published in the Canberra Times click here.


On 21 June, the President of the GNCA, Leo Dobes sent the attached letter to the Chief Minister to direct his attention and those of our other local MLAs to the need to improve conditions in the Manuka Precinct.


Proposal for residential development at Block 3 Section 62 Narrabundah

As part of the preparation of a Development Application, Amalgamated Property Group is undertaking a program of community consultation to engage with the neighbouring community and key stakeholders.  Amalgamated Property Group invites interested members of the community to attend an information drop-in session to discuss and provide comments on this proposal prior to the submission of a Development Application.

The Session will be held between 2:00pm and 4:00pm on Friday 21 June 2019 at the Amalgamated Property Group Office, Level 3, 113 Canberra Avenue, Griffith ACT.


Observations on the compliance and enforcement systems for the building and construction industry have now been published in the attached report. The report also includes recommendations for a national best practice model which will strengthen the effective implementation of the National Construction Code.


The GNCA has received the attached letter from Chief Minister, Andrew Barr MLA.


To access the latest issue click hereOn page 2 there is an article by Barbara Moore about the CRS and Hi Quality Group’s proposals for waste management facilities in Fyshwick and on page 3 an article by Richard Johnston on the ACT’s Government’s decision in relation to the London plane tree.


The London plane tree at the centre of a long running dispute over the re-development of the Capitol Theatre (to be replaced by a hotel) will stay on the Register after a decision by the Conservator of Flora and Fauna, Ian Walker.  Click here to view a  copy of the decision.


The theme for  our 2019 Raffle was Eat, Drink and be Healthy in Griffith.  As in previous years, we received outstanding support from Griffith businesses and there were 21 prizes to be won.  Some of the funds raised will be allocated to maintain our local parklands.  The prizes were drawn at the Griffith Shops on 20 April (see below). Details of the prizewinners can be found on the Sponsors page.


Local business and commercial property owners will be keenly interested in the outcome of this inquiry.  The report of the inquiry and the submission made by the Manuka Business Association can be found at https://www.parliament.act.gov.au/in-committees/standing-committees-current-assembly/standing-committee-on-public-accounts/inquiry-into-commercial-rate-in-canberra  

The Manuka Business Association has argued that the high level of commercial rates is a major factor behind the empty retail premises around Manuka.


Northrop Engineers is working with the ACT Government in providing footpath and footpath related infrastructure upgrades as part of the age friendly suburbs initiative. As part of these works they are looking at obtaining feedback from the community within this year’s proposed area of works, including Narrabundah.

If you wish to provide feedback on the project or thoughts on pathways within the suburb, please visit https://www.yoursay.act.gov.au/AFSP  


The Eastlaker is a free bimonthly paper serving the inner South east of Canberra. Issue 5/March 2019 includes many interesting articles featuring planning and other local issues, which can be viewed if you click here.


The GNCA has recently written to the Minister for City Services drawing his attention to the noticeable rise in builders and developers failing to fully protect the verges.  The letter, a copy of which can be accessed here, also suggests a number of policies and actions that the Government needs to take to protect verges and in particular, our street trees.


Members and residents might be interested to read the submission we made re the Capitol Hotel DA in June.  Please click here to access it. The ACT Government has belatedly also released an assessment of the proposed hotel by its National Capital Design Review Panel, which can be accessed here.


Issue 4/December 2018 can be viewed if you click here.


As we are using low cost Event software, Ticketebo, please be aware that we were unable to modify some of the ‘Event’ style (rather than membership) wording.

Please click here to renew or become a new member.  Donations are also welcome.


Consultation on the ACT waste-to-energy policy policy has been extended til 14 December. If you wish to have your say on the policy there is a survey you can complete and the opportunity to register your interest in participating in a focus group on the development of the policy. Further information is available at https://www.yoursay.act.gov.au/waste-energy


A review of the Cemeteries and Crematoria Act 2003 is underway to identify regulatory changes that will ensure management of cemeteries and crematoria in the ACT is contemporary, sustainable, flexible, and meets the needs of all Canberrans.  If you wish to have your say on the policy there is a survey you can complete and an Information paper available at https://www.yoursay.act.gov.au/cemeteries-and-crematoria-act


This year’s AGM will be held on Wednesday 23 October 2019.  At last year’s AGM, our guest speaker was Minister Shane Rattenbury MLA, who spoke on the proposed Integrity Commission for the ACT.  To view a copy of his powerpoint presentation, please click here.

TIME TO THINK ABOUT BUSHFIRES  Residents will be only too aware of the recent drought, which together with the forecast El Niño means we face a particularly high bush fire risk over the next few months. While our area is not as close to the bush as many parts of Canberra, a fire on Red Hill could push spot fires in our direction in a high wind. We suggest you take a look at the official advice – here’s a link to the Government web site. And a couple of tips from members with recent experience of bush fires down the coast:

– keep your gutters clear and flat roof areas clear of leaves
– do you have bushes or shrubs against the walls of your property? These could draw fire towards your property. It’s time to think about pruning them back or removing them if you don’t really want them there.
– Make sure your outside taps and hosepipes are in good working order.
– do you store firewood in your back yard? Firewood stacks burn well during bush fires and you might want to avoid ordering more wood until the end of the bush fire season.
– think now about your evacuation plan, including for your pets. And do you have your important documents and photos in a place where you can easily grab them if you need to evacuate? Do you have people with mobility problems who may need special help in an evacuation? Plan for it now!
– and don’t forget to make sure your property and contents are insured against fire – a third of properties burned in the recent fires down at the coast were not insured. Now’s the time to do this – insurance companies won’t cover you when fires are threatening. If you are not sure your insurance has been renewed, check now. And make sure your valuations are up to date!

As in all things, we should hope for the best, but plan for the worst!  http://esa.act.gov.au/bushfireready

SEPTEMBER NEWSLETTER Please click here to access pdf.

BLAXLAND PARK VOLUNTEER GROUP – Working Bee on Sunday 19 August 2018. For further information please click here.

EASY STEPS GUIDE TO REPORTING ILLEGAL PARKING   Please click here to access the submission. 




APRIL NEWSLETTER    Please click here to access pdf.


The planning and land authority within the Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate (EPSDD) received a draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) relating to the above proposal.

The draft EIS is now available on the EPSDD website (http://www.planning.act.gov.au/topics/design-and-build/assessment_of_dev/environmental_assessment/environmental_impact_statements/current-eis-projects/materials-recovery-facility-fyshwick) and is open for public comment until 5 June 2018.

Any enquiries on the EIS process can be directed to the Impact Team on 62071923 or epdimpact@act.gov.au.


Click here to view DA 201731693 MANUKA OVAL MEDIA CENTRE

GNCA FACEBOOK PAGE follow me on facebook
We have recently set up a community Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/TheGNCA. The page will provide updates about the GNCA, as well as information about the local area and the issues that are affecting all of us.  Please share our page with everyone you know that lives in Griffith and Narrabundah.


Click here to view the Building Better Suburbs submission to TCCS 15 Nov 2017


In September 2017, the ACT Government invited residents to share their views on priorities for the 2018-2019 Budget.  Rather than proposing new services in a Budget-constrained environment, the GNCA has proposed that existing rules and regulations should be enforced by providing adequate administrative resources.  Non-compliance creates uncertainty and degrades trust in government because of a perceived corruption of administrative processes.  Recognising that increased compliance would require additional resources, the GNCA has suggested a number of potential sources of revenue.

To view the GNCA’s submission, click here.


Capital Recycling Solutions (CRS) is a joint venture between Benedict Industries Pty Ltd and Access Trading Company Pty Ltd (Access Recycling) in partnership with ActewAGL.

It proposes to establish a facility in Ipswich Street, Fyshwick to sort and incinerate waste from the ACT and NSW. The facility will operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and will be located less than one km from residences in Symonston and Narrabundah.

Documents that may be of interest are available at the following links:

FINAL Flyer Public Forum 23 August 2017

Information sheet CRS proposal 080817




To view this useful document, click here.


To access our submission to the National Capital Authority’s on the King’s and Commonwealth Avenues draft Design Strategy, click here.

To access our submission to the ACT’s Select Committee on the establishment of an Independent Integrity Commission, click here.


The height of the garage wall must be reduced and the developer must submit a third Development application.

After representations by neighbours and the GNCA, the government recognised that several elements of the house being built did not comply with the approved plans. It instructed the developer to submit an amended Development Application to cover the non-compliant issues. This was submitted on 2 June 2017 and there were 39 submissions from concerned neighbours and the GNCA.

The two main issues were the bulk and scale of the alfresco and the height of the garage wall adjoining 18 Landsborough Street. Most of the other issues were minor, such as reconfiguring the entry door, extending the awning feature and replacing a window with timber cladding. As the Government’s delegate stated:

“The alfresco wall/columns on the north-western side of the dwelling have not been built according to the approved plans. This modification has not been included in the in the amended application. Thus, it is not part of the approval and a separate amended application will need to be lodged for approval.” And “The raised parapet garage i.e. increase in garage height will increase the bulk and scale of the development, and will have an unacceptable adverse overshadowing impact on the neighbouring block.”

As a result, the developer has reduced the height of the garage wall and we are not aware of him submitting a second amended Application. We believe he may be altering the alfresco to comply with the original application. We await the outcome of the government inspectors, after the required changes have been completed.

The GNCA still considers there were several non-compliant parameters in the original application, which should not have been approved.