ISCCC Public Forum via Zoom 7-9pm, 13 June 2023

ISCCC Public Forum via Zoom 7-9pm, 13 June 2023

Have your say on the draft Urban Open Space Land Management Plan to help shape the future management and use of our public open spaces and ensure the plan reflects the needs of a growing and diverse community.


  1. Have your say on Government’s Urban Open Space Land Management Plan Canberra’s urban open spaces are popular places to relax, exercise, play and connect with nature. The ACT Government is responsible for managing and maintaining over 6,800 hectares of public urban open space and adjoining facilities. This includes urban parks, sports grounds, public cemeteries, dog parks, play spaces, skate parks, outdoor exercise equipment, street and park furniture, paths and green infrastructure such as trees, shrubs and grasses.


  • Daniel Iglesias, Executive Branch Manager, City Presentations, Transport and City Services Directorate
  • Perspectives of resident group representative/s about urban open spacemanagement issues
  • Q&A and discussion
  1. Brief update on the Planning Bill and next steps in the Planning Review
  2. Other business – to be advised. At this stage the meeting will be held entirely on zoom.

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Marea Fatseas, Chair