GNCA - Griffith Narrabundah Community Association

Storm water channels in Griffith Park

4 April 2016

With the construction of the Amaya apartments in Austin St Griffith, there have been some reconstructions in the street of water drainage for improved drainage of water off the road.

This is one good result which has led to other drainage problems:

The water channels coming from under the road into the drainage system around Griffith Park have been poorly designed so that water sits in large stagnant pool rather than flowing on.

GNCA reported this to TAMS and received the following response

To get a water truck around to suck up the stagnant water ASAP; this is a temporary fix and that to achieve a permanent solution there will need to be a detailed costing to evaluate the work required.

There should be funds to do this in this financial year but we will have to wait until the next financial year before the work can be done.

Anyway, they would like the GNCA to let them know when there is a problem with stagnant water

One of our members walks quite regularly in the area and reported:

“I have just done one of my walks around the Amaya, particularly to look at the storm water channels and took my camera.

More than a ‘water truck’ and even before any ‘evaluation’, what is needed is some good old fashioned urban maintenance, namely some good old fashioned storm water channel maintenance of the type that uses hard yakka and a bobcat!

The main channel running down from Red Hill and the sub channel running alongside the oval have had no maintenance for some years. Everywhere there is a build up of rubbish, broken branches, weed growth.

I suggest we go back to our TAMS contact and propose that some timely clearance and maintenance be done, then the effects can be monitored and evaluated”.

GNCA reported this and consequently a bobcat removed large branches from the main storm water channel and there was a flurry of surveyors at work taking photos for the engineers.

GNCA wishes to express its thanks to TAMS for taking speedy remedial action on the matter of the drain, and looks forward to a more permanent solution in the next financial year.