Stuart Flats

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DRAFT VARIATIONS 332, 333 & 334 –


 The Inner South Canberra Community Council (ISCCC) welcomes the opportunity to make comments on Draft Variations 332, 333 and 334 (DV332, DV333, DV334), relating to the proposed redevelopment of Gowrie Court, Narrabundah; Stuart Flats, Griffith; and Red Hill Flats, respectively.

The ISCCC recognises that the buildings on all three sites were built 55 years ago (1959 for Gowrie Court and Stuart Flats, 1960 for Red Hill Flats) and that, consequently, it is more economical to demolish and replace them with more modern structures than to maintain and retrofit them.

GNCA submission on DV333 Stuart Flats

The ACT Government is planning to re-develop Stuart Flats and Gowrie Court as part of a program to generate sufficient income to revitalise the ACT’s public housing portfolio.

Extensive public consultation was organised by the government.  This included a drop-in session in July 2014 to look at some options for each site, a public briefing in August, opportunities to provide comments on the Time-to-Talk web site and a Design Workshop in October, where there was an opportunity to generate models of possible scenarios at each site.  In addition the GNCA and the ISCCC held meetings with government officials responsible for the re-developments.

Shown below is the response from the Chief Minister to the GNCA on the Stuart Flats and Gowrie Court Redevelopments dated 27 March 2015


Griffith/Narrabundah Community Association Inc.

PO Box 4127, Manuka ACT  2603                                                                                       email:


Andrew Barr MLA

Chief Minister and Minister for Urban Renewal

GPO Box 1020


ACT 2601


cc Mr Peter Johns, Senior Manager, Community Services Directorate


Dear Chief Minister


The Government has announced that it intends to redevelop the Stuart Flats (cnr of Captain Cook Av and Stuart St, Griffith) and Gowrie Court (McIntyre St, Narrabundah).  The Government also wishes to redevelop the Red Hill Flats, behind the Red Hill shops.  While all these flats are now several decades old and consequently in need of maintenance, at the least, the Government is keen to pack as many residences as possible onto these sites in the belief that this will maximise the short term returns to Government.

The GNCA has some reservations about this approach, and together with the Inner South Canberra prepared this submission on the issue.