Past Issues

The GNCA’s letter to the Chief Minister urging improved coordination between Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate and Transport and City Services Directorate to enable more effective protection of trees and verges during construction activity can be read here

We received a disappointing response from Dorte Ekelund to our letter to the Chief Minister.  We feel that this did not tell us anything new and added little to the discussion.  The letter can be read here

The GNCA’s letter to the Chief Minister on the Zoning of these two developments can be read here.

The GNCA’s letter to the ACT Government on the Urban Sounds Discussion Paper can be read here.

Peacocks at St Aidans Ct and infringements of verge of Brockman St

Parking in Austin St Griffith outside the Amaya Development

ISCCC Submission to Standing Committee on DV343

Submission from David Denham to Planning Committee DV343

GNCA to Planning Committee on DV 343

The Territory Plan Section

Environment and Planning Directorate


DRAFT VARIATIONS 332, 333 & 334 –


 The Inner South Canberra Community Council (ISCCC) welcomes the opportunity to make comments on Draft Variations 332, 333 and 334 (DV332, DV333, DV334), relating to the proposed redevelopment of Gowrie Court, Narrabundah; Stuart Flats, Griffith; and Red Hill Flats, respectively.

The ISCCC recognises that the buildings on all three sites were built 55 years ago (1959 for Gowrie Court and Stuart Flats, 1960 for Red Hill Flats) and that, consequently, it is more economical to demolish and replace them with more modern structures than to maintain and retrofit them.