Current Issues

The GNCA’s letter to the Chief Minister on the release of correspondence concerning the rejection of the proposal of Manuka Oval can be read here.

The GNCA’s letter to the ACT Government on the Urban Sounds Discussion Paper can be read here.

27 May 2016

The ACT Government should heed the call of inner south residents and reject the GWS/Grocon revised unsolicited bid to develop the Manuka Oval precinct, according to the Inner South Canberra Community Council (ISCCC).

A delegation from the ISCCC is to meet today with the Chief Minister, Mr Andrew Barr MLA, to present the community’s views on the revised bid. The delegation comprises:

–        Gary Kent, Chair, Inner South Canberra Community Council

–        Rebecca Scouller, President, Kingston and Barton Residents Association

–        John Edquist, President, Griffith Narrabundah Community Association

3 May 2016

The Wesley Uniting Church Hall is noted for hosting classical music concerts.  But on Thursday 28 April it was filled by about 400 angry residents.

They were attending the meeting organised by the Inner South Canberra Community Council and its member Associations the GNCA and The Kingston Barton Residents’ Group.  And they were angry, because of the way the government has handled the Greater Western Sydney/Grocon redevelopment proposal.  This involves building a 140,000m2 development including 1,000 new apartments, a 200 room hotel, 10,500 m2 of office and 10,100 m2 retail space, and a licenced club, on less than 2 hectares of land around the Manuka Oval (see the associated paper for further details of the proposal).

11 April 2016


You are encouraged to attend a meeting at the Wesley Uniting Church Hall, 20-22 National Circuit, Forrest at 7pm on Thursday 28 April 2016.  It is being organised by the Inner South Canberra Community Council, together with its constituent associations, like the GNCA, and will consider the Manuka Green proposal generated by Grocon and the Great Western Sydney Giants.

Put this event in your diary and aim to be there.  The Manuka Green proposal is a major pitch to intensify further the Kingston, Griffith and Barton suburbs and we need a good turnout to show that the community is concerned and also to obtain information as to how the proposal can be evaluated.

The GNCA’s submission on DV346 relating to Residential Solar Access is here


4 April 2016

With the construction of the Amaya apartments in Austin St Griffith, there have been some reconstructions in the street of water drainage for improved drainage of water off the road.

This is one good result which has led to other drainage problems:

The water channels coming from under the road into the drainage system around Griffith Park have been poorly designed so that water sits in large stagnant pool rather than flowing on.



GNCA reported this to TAMS and received the following response


23 March 2016

Important changes to the ACT solar access provisions are now open for comment.

Under DV346 Canberra homes owners could have their solar access seriously compromised if the block on their northern aspect is ever redeveloped, so no home owner could ever be sure that their current solar access would be permanent.

The Government is proposing to weaken rules that extended protection of the solar access of neighbours (ie preventing a development next door from depriving a resident of access to sunlight) and facilitated and encouraged the introduction of passive solar design features in new buildings and redevelopments.

19 March 2016

Shown below is a letter sent to the Chief Minister of the ACT on 9 March 2016:


Mr Andrew Barr

Chief Minister

GPO Box 1020


Dear Mr Barr

Manuka Oval: ACT Government approach to Grocon proposal

Following the recent disclosure of an unsolicited proposal for the development of Manuka Oval and its surrounding precinct, the Inner South Canberra Community Council (ISCCC), the Kingston and Barton Residents Group (KBRG), and the Griffith Narrabundah Community Association (GNCA) welcome your comments on talkback on ABC 666 on 25 February saying you would meet with interested stakeholders in relation to this proposal.

Many people will be aware that during the Assembly debate on Tuesday 18 November the Chief Minister Andrew Barr questioned the value of community councils.  He is reported to have stated that community councils are not representative because family people are not easily able to attend meetings during dinner time or during putting-children-to-bed time.  Because they are not elected by the community at large, the Legislative Assembly is far more representative than Community Councils will ever be.