February 2017

25 February 2017

It should have been a straightforward knock-down rebuild. DA201629546, authorising the demolition of the existing dwelling and the construction of a two-storey house, was approved by the government on 19 July 2016.  That should have meant that the building complied with the planning rules, but it wasn’t long before the neighbours realised something was wrong.
The southern boundary wall looked to be far too high (Fig 1).  The height of the wall should not exceed 2.6 m to allow reasonable solar access, the approved plan indicates a height of 3.4 m (see Figure 2) and in fact what has been built is about 4.3m high. The neighbour’s solar access has been severely compromised.
But there was more. On further examination, we found that the 50% mandatory plot ratio rule appears to have been significantly exceeded.  The awnings at the front of the building exceed the building line by more than the permitted 60 cm; the rear set-back of a cabana should have been 3 m but is only 1.6 m and the prescribed building envelope on the northern side of the building is penetrated by over 1.0m.

The GNCA’s letter to David Jeffrey in the Chief Minister’s Directorate indicating that the GNCA has no difficulty with the proposed relocation of Easts’ Rugby clubs storage sheds at Griffith Oval, on the basis of certain undetakings given by Easts’, can be read here

The GNCA’s submission on Draft Variation 348 “Incorporating Active Living Principals into the Territory Plan” can be read here.

While we support the idea we feel the DV as drafted will be ineffective.

The GNCA’s letter to Gary Rake alerting him that the development at 16 Landsborough St exceeded the mandatory maximum plot ratio of 50% can be read here