Variation 306 Commences

July 13, 2013

in Past Issues

Variation 306 commenced on 5 July 2013.  All development applications submitted after 18 June 2013 will be assessed against the Territory Plan as amended by Variation 306 , whilst all development applications lodged before 18 June will be assessed under the rules applying before Variation came into effect until 5 July 2014.  The Minister for Environment and Sustainable Development has issued a media release about the commencement of Variation 306, which is available at

Variation 306 introduces a number of changes to the Territory Plan.  Amongst the changes introduced are:

  • changes to the single dwelling and multi unit housing development codes, including restrictions on development in RZ2 residential zones
  • revisions to the residential zones objectives and development tables, introduction of an overarching Residential Zones Development Code and a Lease Variation General Code
  • replacement of existing Residential Subdivision Development Code with a new Estate Development Code.

Many of these changes have been a long time in gestation, as Draft Variation (DV) 306 is itself partly the product of merging earlier draft variations DV301 and DV303 which were withdrawn in June 2011. 


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