Variation 306 accepted by Assembly

May 24, 2013

in Past Issues

 On 5 March 2013 the Minister for the Environment and Sustainable Development, Simon Corbell, approved Draft Variation 306 (thereby transforming it into Variation 306) and tabled it in the Legislative Assembly.   On Tuesday 9 April the Liberals moved a motion of disallowance in relation to DV 306.  The motion was debated and defeated on Wednesday 8 May 2013.  The Minister has yet to notify a commencement date, but this is expected to be soon. 

Variation 306 introduces a number of changes to the Territory Plan.  Amongst the changes introduced are:

  • changes to the single dwelling and multi unit housing development codes, including restrictions on development in RZ2 residential zones
  • revisions to the residential zones objectives and development tables, introduction of an overarching Residential Zones Development Code and a Lease Variation General Code
  • replacement of existing Residential Subdivision Development Code with a new Estate Development Code.

Many of these changes have been a long time in gestation, as Draft Variation (DV) 306 is itself partly the product of merging earlier draft variations DV301 and DV303 which were withdrawn in June 2011. 


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