Parking at Brumbies Development

June 15, 2013

in Past Issues

The excessive size of the development for the Brumbies site has several flow-on effects.   For instance visitor parking.  The Parking and Vehicular Access (PVA) Code requires the provision of 0.25 of a visitor parking space for each apartment.  For this site the developer needs to provide 33 visitor spaces.  In fact only nine have been provided on site, and the Minister has reduced the requirement from 33 to 25.  So what is the point of a code if it can be overruled at will?

The current proposal is for visitors to park on Austin Street, but these parking spaces already exist, so it cannot be said they will be provided by the developer.  As a result, the developer will not have to fund a further 16 (or 24 to comply with the code) visitor parking spaces.  The public has been deprived of these spaces in the street and the developer has been effectively subsidised by the public.

With visitors parking in Austin St it will look like this.

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