Issues with the Proposed Brumbies Development

November 12, 2013

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In late July this year (2013) we wrote to the responsible Minister, Simon Corbell, expressing our concerns about some elements of his decision to “call-in” the Development Approval for the proposed development on the Brumbies clubhouse site in April.   One consequence of a Ministerial call-in is that the Approval in question cannot be subjected to the usual review process by the ACAT.  This exemption from scrutiny might lead a Minister, or the planners that advise him, to adopt positions that some might regard as more questionable than those that might have been taken had they been likely to be tested against alternative views.

Minister Corbell responded to our email on 9 September 2013.  You can read his letter here.

We felt the Minister’s reply raised a number of issues, in particular the need for guide lines in relation to the use of the Ministerial call in powers, and the need for some objective criteria to determine if there is any public benefit involved (rather than the Minister merely asserting that there is public benefit, as in the present case); the lack of any legally meaningful formal and objective definition of medium density (or of low density or high density, for that matter) in the current Territory Plan; and the inadequate information available in relation to possible flooding at the site, as well as other matters in relation to the development.

Our response to Minister Corbell is available here.

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