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April 10, 2013

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Apart from the issues reported on in the posts below, the Association is involved in the following activities and issues:

  • Plot Ratio in RZ1.  Despite the changes introduced by DV 306 the Plot Ratio rules are clearly not working effectively and need further modification.
  • Clarification of RZ1 Zoning.  For historical reasons some blocks zoned RZ1 can be developed as multi-unit sites.  We believe the Planning Codes could be simplified if such anomalies were removed and only single dwellings were permitted in RZ1.
  • Exempt Developments in built up areas.  There are a number of problems flowing from the extension of a policy to speed up construction in greenfield areas to established suburbs.
  • Protection of trees and verges.  Street trees and verges adjacent to construction sites are vulnerable to damage.  As public assets these need to be protected.
  • Traffic and parking arrangements.  There are no current requirements to minimize inconvenience from construction generated traffic and construction worker parking for local residents nor the community at large
  • Precinct Codes.  Neighbourhood Plans have been removed from the Territory Plan and are to be replaced by Precinct Codes.  We are working with the ISCCC to develop a suitable Precinct Code(s) for the inner South Canberra area.

To read further about these issues, click here.

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