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October 13, 2014

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February 28 2012

Rezoning of Brumbies’ site

This continues to be a ‘hot’ issue with the Brumbies being very active in seeking ways of redeveloping the site.

Firstly, there is the recent approval of DV307 to rezone the site. The approval did take into account the recommendations of the Standing Committee. You can read the Notification here: DV307 notification May 2012

The next step is expected to the lodging of a Development Application for apartments.

Would you support the construction of 150 apartments on the former South Canberra Bowling Club/Brumbies ACT Rugby HQ site?

The case for re-zoning from ‘Leisure and Accommodation’ to ‘Medium Density housing’ is flawed. Here are a few of points to illustrate this:

  • Part of the Block is prone to flooding and unsuitable for any housing – which is why it has never been zoned as a residential area.
  • RZ4 zoning breaches Government undertakings that multi unit residential development will be restricted to areas within 200–300 m of a commercial core or local centre.
  • The height and mass of the buildings in the proposed development would be out of scale with the surrounding dwellings.
  • The existing infrastructure of Griffith was never designed or intended to sustain such a high density of urban living.
  • It is not consistent with the 2004 Griffith Neighbourhood Plan, which states:

‘Whatever the change in the low-density (residential) character, established street trees and mature garden setting will remain.’

‘Maintain and enhance the existing street pattern by ensuring buildings relate to the street rather than detract from it (as a general strategy).

‘Maintain and enhance physical facilities for community-based activities’.


October 21 2012

As expected, the Brumbies have now lodged a DA for the construction of 134 one, two and three bedroom apartments on their current club house site.  The DA is very large, comprising 448 pages which takes up over 185 MB.  You can access the documents at  Any objections must be lodged with ACTPLA by cob Wednesday 7 November 2012.

December 11 2012

The Brumbies have lodged a DA proposing the construction of 134 apartments of various sizes (one, two and three bedroom) at their club house site in Griffith.  These will be located in seven three storey buildings with one level of basement parking below ground (and flood water) level.  The period for comments closed on 21 November 2012.  This had been extended by two weeks from 7 November when we pointed out to ACTPLA that not all the information required had initially been provided by the proponents.

We now await ACTPLA’s decision on the application.  The GNCA lodged a submission about the DA.  You can read it here GNCA Submission on DA 2012222261

April 9 2013

The Brumbies application for development approval to redevelop their club house site in Griffith has been called in and approved by Minister Corbell, after four months of consideration by the planning elements within the Environment and sustainable Development Directorate.  Read further details here.  The Ministers media release is here, and the University of Canberra media release is here.

November 12 2013

In late July (2013) we wrote to the responsible Minister, Simon Corbell, expressing our concerns about some elements of his decision to “call-in” the Development Approval for the proposed development on the Brumbies clubhouse site in April.   One consequence of a Ministerial call-in is that the Approval in question cannot be subjected to the usual review process by the ACAT.  This exemption from scrutiny might lead a Minister, or the planners that advise him, to adopt positions that some might regard as more questionable than those that might have been taken had they been likely to be tested against alternative views.

Minister Corbell responded to our email on 9 September 2013.  You can read his letter here.

We felt the Minister’s reply raised a number of issues, in particular the need for guide lines in relation to the use of the Ministerial call in powers, and the need for some objective criteria to determine if there is any public benefit involved (rather than the Minister merely asserting that there is public benefit, as in the present case); the lack of any legally meaningful formal and objective definition of medium density (or of low density or high density, for that matter) in the current Territory Plan; and the inadequate information available in relation to possible flooding at the site, as well as other matters in relation to the development.

Our response to Minister Corbell is available here.

June 15 2013

The excessive size of the development for the Brumbies site has several flow-on effects.   For instance visitor parking.  The Parking and Vehicular Access (PVA) Code requires the provision of 0.25 of a visitor parking space for each apartment.  For this site the developer needs to provide 33 visitor spaces.  In fact only nine have been provided on site, and the Minister has reduced the requirement from 33 to 25.  So what is the point of a code if it can be overruled at will?

The current proposal is for visitors to park on Austin Street, but these parking spaces already exist, so it cannot be said they will be provided by the developer.  As a result, the developer will not have to fund a further 16 (or 24 to comply with the code) visitor parking spaces.  The public has been deprived of these spaces in the street and the developer has been effectively subsidised by the public.

With visitors parking in Austin St it will look like this.

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