40 km/h speed precincts in group centres

January 18, 2015

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The ACT Government is seeking community feedback on the proposed boundaries for 40 km/h speed precincts in 18 local group centres.  These include Amaroo, Calwell, Charnwood, Chisholm, Conder, Curtin, Dickson, Erindale, Hawker, Jamison, Kaleen, Kingston, Kambah, Kippax, Manuka, Mawson, Wanniassa and Weston.

We encourage members, and friends of members, to complete the survey and provide the government with comments, particularly on the Manuka proposal.

More information is available on the site:

http://www.timetotalk.act.gov.au/consultations/  and to complete the survey go to


The consultation period closes 5 pm Monday 2 February 2015.

The map below, showing the area under consideration, is available on the Government’s website.  It is not the clearest diagram but you can see the area being considered.

Proposed Manuka Speed Limits


It includes all the areas in Manuka where speed humps have been installed but does not include any part of Captain Cook Crescent or Canberra Avenue – where a fatal accident took place in October last year at the traffic lights.

As yet we have not been able to obtain any statistics on the accidents that have taken place in the Manuka precinct or the average traffic speeds observed.  So it is difficult to assess whether a 40 km/hr limit would be worthwhile or whether additional signage would just add to the visual distractions.

As most of our members drive through this area it would be good to provide feedback to the Government.

So that we can be kept informed of the views of Members, can you please forward a copy of your comments to the GNCA at info@gnca.org.au

Many thanks

John Edquist President

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